we deliver from Tuesday to Saturday.

a story about art of salmó

art of salmó is the first online store in Malaysia to specialise in fjord trout, and we believe that convenience should not come at the expense of good quality food, nor the other way around!

art of salmó can save you some headaches looking for recipes to cook your salmó, as we have a selection of special seasonings that goes perfectly with the succulent salmó. when you purchase a salmó from us, we will provide you with everything you need to cook an ambrosial meal! from a perfectly cut piece of fresh salmó to the special blend of seasoning (MAGIC SACHET), that will not only bring out the full flavour of the fish but induce food orgasms!



where do our salmó come from?
our salmó travel directly from Norway, it is so fresh, you can practically taste the farm-to-table freshness. 

how do we ensure the quality of our salmó?
our salmó are vacuum-packed and delivered straight to your door step (or self pick-up, the choice is yours!). you can be sure to receive fresh food that is clean and hygienic without leaving the comfort of your own home.