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sashimi | let's dip it with special dipping sauce

RM 22.90
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dip your salmó sashimi in special sauce. let's dip it together!

product details
- S size for 1 pax 
- M size for 2-3 pax
- L size for 5-7 pax

wasabi & soy sauces
classic dip.

ensuing an enticing balance of spiciness, saltiness, sourness and sweetness, dipping with your salmó sashimi…. oh yes!!

thai chili
is a combination of herbs and green chillies. let your salmó sashimi swim in this herbaceous and spicy dipping sauce…. AROY Mak Mak!

korean chojang
this sweet, tangy and spicy Korean dipping sauce is perfectly match with your salmó sashimi. korean food lover, this is for you!

refreshing yuzu
this special made vinaigrette-style dipping sauce has a heavy soy sauce flavor paired with a hint of onion, bell pepper and some special spices. pair this dipping sauce with your salmó sashimi… one bite is never enough! OISHII! 

truffle soy sauce 
is soy sauce infused with the taste of luxurious truffles. the combination of salmo sashimi fats with truffle soy sauce….. YUMM! art of salmó team can’t find a word to describe this perfect taste! just too delicious. truffle lover, don’t miss this out! 

salmó sashimi - refrigerated, consumed within 24 hours

projected delivery dates are subjected to shipment progress from Norway.
salmó team will contact you if there's any changes / delay.

check the shipping and return policy here


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